December. 11. 2013. 04:22 pm 5 notes

Moving forward

Hi everyone! So moving forward I wanted to just update you on what’s going on and to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you.

I will still keep this blog active and I will post if and when I feel like it, rather than every day or even every week. I need time to live my life now. Competing has been an amazing journey. Now it’s time to take the better part of at least a year to reset my metabolism, make some gains in the gym, and work on a maintainable healthy lifestyle. 

I’m also moving to Scotland in a month, so that’ll be taking up my focus. Very exciting stuff. Big changes in my life right now.

Anyway, you are welcome to stick around, like I said, Road to Pro will stay active, and I hope to keep hearing from you all over the next several months. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone, and sending love and light to all of you!

xo A

November. 11. 2013. 08:15 am 60 notes

It’s been two years and after a 20% reduction in body fat, gruelling hours in the gym and the willpower of an I dont even know what in the kitchen…here they are! Third times a charm - Competition photos!!!

November. 07. 2013. 09:22 pm 3 notes

I’m just gonna spam u guys w photos from peak weekend k cool

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TWO YEARS AGO EXZCTLY I WAS AT 28% you don’t know how much this means to me

November. 06. 2013. 09:56 am 4 notes

Alright guys. Three more days. I passed the hump and I’m feeling the fire.

Astra is alive and raging right now. Just finished my last workout before the show. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know you guys are out there supporting and witnessing this journey. Third time’s a charm!!! Let’s GET IT!

xo A

November. 05. 2013. 08:46 am 789 notes
November. 05. 2013. 08:42 am 2 notes

Me and my friend after she won third place in her powerlifting comp! She’s a sponsored athlete and lifts heavier than da boiz. She has instagram @alicia_irene if u wanna holla

November. 05. 2013. 08:38 am 2 notes

Also got this supa cute new set from which I will probably fit better when my body fat comes back into important areas like BOOBS and BUM. *cries*

November. 05. 2013. 08:37 am 10 notes

Last posing practice! Now into the water cut…

November. 02. 2013. 10:03 am 7 notes

Chillin in a hotel with my friends for my girlfriend’s powerlifting meet today! And then next week we tradesies and they will be cheering me on at the show!! Not long now!

Xo A

Ps I should mention I have eaten 6 meals in this photo and am not flexing. That’s right. Progress.